Two Catholic Guys from San Diego

We are two Catholic guys from San Diego (no, not Pete & Paulie).

Our names are Anthony and Jimmy, and we’re both husbands and fathers who are dedicated to raising our families in the truth of Christ’s Kingdom as handed down to us by the Church.

Our Passion

God has given us the mission of getting people to pray more – in fact, it has become our passion!

Since the best prayer we know is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, our first prayer card, called Prayers in the Pew, was dedicated to helping people prepare for Mass and dispose their hearts to receive the fullness of grace that is available to us in the Eucharist.

But there’s so much more. The other Prayer Cards, Newsletters, Novenas, and Books we offer on this site all come from that same commitment to getting people to pray more. (Lord knows the world needs it right now.) All of these materials do one thing: they bring us back to basics.

  • They reminds us of the Church’s basic and most beloved prayers;
  • They root us in the catechism;
  • They inspire us through the lives and teachings of the saints; and
  • They put tangible resources into our hands for living the Catholic faith.

What could be better, right?

Our Approach

We’re busy raising families and working jobs, and we know we can’t get a million of these prayer cards into the hands of people all around the country so…we’re relying on you to help us!

The Knights of Columbus have been a great ally in promoting our campaigns – for which we are immensely grateful – but there is no promoter like a faithful Catholic who uses the cards and then hands them on to others.

We want to co-opt you into being a prayer missionary.

How You Can Help Us

It’s simple. Get the Cards, Newsletters, Novenas, and (eventually) the Books and hand them out to others. Piece of cake, right? Here’s how:

  • Show them to your parish priests and see if they will order a package for all the pews in your parish;
  • Give the Prayer Cards to special groups in your circle of influence (family ministries, pro-life groups, Marian apostolates, conferences and events, etc.) who will appreciate the prayers that correspond to their particular interests;
  • Send the link or download a couple samples of the monthly Newsletter for the parish secretary or whoever prepares the parish bulletin on a weekly basis – they’re always looking for good materials!

Our Lord Jesus Christ will be immensely pleased with your efforts.

Thank You!

Above all, we wish to thank you for joining us in a mission that is growing like a mustard seed. Everything that is good starts small – and grows through God’s grace.

Peace in Christ,

Anthony and Jimmy