"Helping Catholics to better Learn, Live and Love their Faith"

- The Sit Stand Kneel Team

Sit Stand Kneel Programs

Whether you’re a student, an educator or a full-time mom, we all need to get and stay acquainted with the building blocks of our Catholic faith which not only impels motion, prompts activity, and directs choices, but also gives us a place to stand in our modern world.

Prayers in the Pew

Harnessing the power of prayer, we’ve made an outrageous commitment to have one million Parishioners in the Pew agree to getting to Mass on time. What is on time? Early is on time!

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Sit Stand Kneel Book Program

Bringing us back to the basics to usher in a new era of formation, participation and dialogue in a fun and yet authoritative personality, we are pleased to introduce, Sit Stand Kneel.

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Catholic Pages

Select Catholic media, dioceses, news publications, and For Impact organizations now have a Go-To resource for frequently produced, best-in-class Catholic content for their communication needs.

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Prayers in the Pew - Home Edition

The perfect companion to quantify efforts of Prayers in the Pew, Home Edition is designed to establish a foundation of prayer for the family at-home facilitating an up-building of the domestic church which each family comprises and as envisioned by Pope Francis.

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Catholic to Go

Sit Stand Kneel delivers more engaging, richer content that resonates with Catholics and is now made available at your fingertips 24/7 on any device. Learn, Live and Love your faith with Catholic to Go, the interactive App that makes media consumption good for you. Imagine that!

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St. Michael Survival Kit

The hero for the ages and top gun to all the angels, Saint Michael the Archangel issues a Call to Arms to all believers in Christ to engage in the battle to preserve our nation and Church.

Let's unite to Fight the Good Fight and Prevail!

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Holy Family Slider - Sit Stand Kneel

Preserving the Dignity of Family

Share the Prayers in the Pew - Home Edition

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Prayers in the Pew Slider

Triumphant in Prayer....

....Triumphant Church! Get Prayers in the Pew for your parish today.

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Brothers and sisters in Christ,

The Coronavirus is testing the resiliency of businesses, schools, communities and, most importantly, families. We endure in faith through it all!

Until that glorious day when we can swing open the doors of the one true Church and drive the greatest return to Mass in history, what can we do?

For an hour each week, let’s all come together and unite in prayer and embrace the silver lining to help build the Domestic Church, a term that refers to the family, the smallest body of gathered believers in Christ.

While the COVID-19 Mass suspension lasts, we will send new installments of the Spiritual Communion Service at Home straight to your email for the coming Sundays of Lent and for the great feasts of Holy Week. United we stand with our Church in prayer!

"Getting to Mass early, is on time!"

- The Sit Stand Kneel Team