“He Sent Them Out Two by Two.” (Mark 6:7) 

Let us introduce you to Pete & Paulie, our braggadocious but lovable evangelists who break down the details of our Catholic faith in a fun and self-deprecating way.

If you figured out where their names came from, you probably guessed right: two guys named Peter and Paul had something to do with setting up our Church! And to the two great Apostles of our faith we dedicate this website.

While Pete & Paulie don’t pretend to have all the answers, we can learn plenty by watching how this odd couple works together to figure out truths and non-truths about the Catholic Church. We can also learn from their down-home wisdom to appreciate why Catholics believe what they believe and do what they do.

[One point of sensitivity at the start – please don’t call them pigeons…they like to think of themselves as doves. They’re biblical birds, you know.]

Their image has a permanent place on this website as our holy mascots, and they will appear with even greater frequency in the Sit, Stand, Kneel books that will be flying out the door soon (pardon the pun). Pete & Paulie always combine an excellent sense of humor with clever ideas to evangelize and to share the faith

Don’t miss their droppings…er…their tales, stories, and adventures as they make learning the faith fun for all ages.