Getting Back to Basics

The Sit Stand Kneel programs are designed to support the faith development of Catholic families, parishes, and faith communities. The essence of our programs is “getting back to basics” – basic prayers, basic understandings of Church teachings, and basic spirituality.

Understanding why we “sit, stand, and kneel” in church is only one of the things our programs teach. There is much more!

We propose to offer you:

  • A way to “Learn, Live, and Love” our faith:  Written in an easy, breezy (and perhaps entertaining) manner, Sit, Stand, Kneel materials (Prayer Cards, Newsletters, Novenas, and Books) present a practical, friendly, and effective learning system to help Catholics know more about Catholicism;
  • Go-to evangelization devices: Once you yourself have benefited from them, these resources are meant to be handed out to family, friends, neighbors, and others; we’ve priced them in a way that will not break the bank;
  • Quantity distribution: And since our goal is to bring all 7.5 billion inhabitants of the earth into the Catholic Church (isn’t that what Mt 28:20 demands of us?), these materials are distributed in bulk to parishes, Catholic schools, Catholic bookstores, online communities, and any organizations that want to join us in our 7.5 billion soul goal;
  • A clear difference: we don’t just offer prayer resources, or newsletters, or books – we offer all of the above! We’re like the QVC Network of Catholicism! Visiting our website is a one-stop-shopping adventure.

The One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church – the Church that Christ founded – is the best thing that ever happened to the world. Let’s act like it and get the word out!