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About Us

Our Approach

Serving as a counter agent to the many devices and philosophies shaping worldviews today, enter Sit Stand Kneel. Sit Stand Kneel may appear disarming with its charm, but has a mission and methodology to shift by design from a passive voice to a united & active voice.

Sit Stand Kneel specializes in the basics and serves as a point of the arrow to simplify the complex world around us into a single, organizing idea that unifies and guides us like a North Star.

In addition to a laser beam or a North Star pointing the way, we also need a standard and interpretive framework - a delivery vehicle for this mission to effectively pass on a distinctly Catholic worldview. From the simple beginnings of why Catholics Sit Stand & Kneel and the Power of Prayer to the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist and everything in between, Sit Stand Kneel is passionate about promoting everything that is decent, beautiful and true.

Our Story

Bringing matters into focus, Sit Stand Kneel harnesses our energies enabling us to begin to produce efficient results in bringing the Catholic worldview to the table and to the public square. Working toward a different end, this worldview seeks to help others see the world as Christ Himself sees it, to inform our consciences and to transmit a cultural heritage where individual humans flourish and… get to heaven!

We know the Church will prevail, but where do we begin to win hearts and minds?  Studies suggest all great victories begin with an “I Am Here” point.

Our “we are here” point begins with the realization we just need to  “Get Back to the Fundamentals”.

Next Steps

  • Order copies of Prayers in the Pew™ for your Parish.
  • Order copies of Prayers in the Pew™  Home Edition to hand out to your fellow Catholics.
  • Order copies of the Official Book on Prayers for The Year of Prayer.  Order it to hand out to your fellow Catholics in the pews, family members. (Coming Lent 2020)
  • Download a sample of Sit Stand Kneel's inaugural book, Return to Reverence and Meaning in the Motion. (Coming Lent 2020)