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Sit Stand Kneel

Getting Back to Basics

Sit Stand Kneel programs are designed to support the health and development of Catholic parishes, families and faith communities. Studies show that parishes that are thriving make the effort to create formation programs to meet parishioners where they are and to intentionally evangelize to both insiders 'and outsiders'.

Catholics tend to view their relationship with God as a highly personal matter and often shy away from evangelization. Realizing pastors consider evangelization a major challenge, our team at Sit Stand Kneel set out to establish a collaborative framework to aid in answering the call first expressed by Pope John Paul II to bridge the gap between the laity and the Pastors in order to usher in a new era of formation, participation, and dialogue. Doing so, we believe Sit Stand Kneel can make a difference in helping the lay faithful to come to decisions regarding spiritual and temporal matters with a renewed enthusiasm.

  • Learn Live and Love our faith:  Sit Stand Kneel materials present a practical, friendly and effective learning system to help Catholics know more about Catholicism.
  • Go-to evangelization device: Written in an easy, breezy, ‘perhaps entertaining’, manner, the learning system is crafted within a consistent layout, look and feel designed to serve as the go-to ‘engagement device’ for evangelization efforts with friends and family, neighbors, and the nations.
  • Quantity distribution proposition:  To formulate the brand to craft and to drive context and to make the program highly affordable and easy to deliver broadly to organizations (Parishes, Catholic schools, Catholic bookstores, Online communities) in a grass roots way, offering an engagement device for others to help us in the distribution and promotion.
  • How it is different than other books/tracts/booklets – as a context leader, topics are carefully thought through and selected to ensure they are timely (relevant), timeless (evergreen) and time tested (the issues will never go away). Content is scalable and carefully planned to align with (a) the strategic priorities of the USCCB, (b) four select pillars of the catechism, (d) often misunderstood Catholic topics, and (d) where the wisdom of the Church can be captured and articulated to speak to and about social issues of modern society.

While Sit Stand Kneel is fun and meets each person where they are in their faith journey,  its underlying soundness is strong enough to bring home a defense for our faith to ourselves, our families, neighbors, and the world– why we believe the position as Catholics and to learn live and love the faith that has been given.