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Pew Partners

Become a Pew Partner!

Everyone wants to belong to a vibrant faith community—and re-energizing your parish can start with you. Become a Pew Partner today! It’s a simple, yet powerful way to inspire your fellow parishioners by sharing Catholic content that works with them. Are you ready to share the Beauty and Fullness of our Catholic Faith with everyone in your faith community?

What Does a Pew Partner Do?

Twice a year, Pew Partners distribute Sit Stand Kneel Booklets, pray for their parish, and interact with our Pew Partners and team leaders to discover new ways to breathe life into their parish community.

Interested in Becoming a Pew Partner?

Simply click the button below to fill out a short survey that will help us get to know you and your parish a little better.



Everyone wants to belong to a vibrant and faith filled community—and re-energizing your parish can start with you. Become a Pew Partner for your parish. It’s a simple yet powerful way to encourage your fellow parishioners in their faith by sharing free copies of our "Content that Works".  Whether it is our prayer cards, Sit Stand Kneel Books, or prayer tools, these materials will do the trick.  Are you ready to share the beauty and depth of our Catholic faith with your Catholic parish and school community?

What Does a "Pew Partner" Do?

Many times it takes certain people in a parish to re-energize or bring new and exciting opportunities to parish life.  Pew Partners are the people that make this happen.  They work closely with our team to help distribute materials, pray for the success of the program and for intentions of others and be our local representative to the pastor or parish staff.  Pew Partners play an important part in our mission to help Catholics better Learn, Live and Love their Faith.  Financially speaking, they can be the funder or the materials, or the point of contact of a group of funders.  It is our goal for the parish not to have to fund this program directly.

How do I get my Parish on board?

We recommend that you talk to your pastor about the initiative before you officially become a Pew Partner. Let him know it’s a great opportunity for you to pray for him and the parish, provide great resources to your parishioners, and share groundbreaking Catholic programs with him that will help your fellow parishioners better Learn, Live and Love their faith.

What are the specific responsibilities?

On or around the first Monday of every month, we will email our Catholic Page to either the church contact or the Pew Partner.  The Pew Partner will assist the parish getting a printed version into the bulletin for either the next week or the week after.  If they have purchased any products, they will be responsible for the local placement and or distribution to the community.

What is the best way to distribute the materials?

There are many creative ways to distribute the free resources. The easiest way is to hand them out to parishioners before or after Mass. The most impactful way may be to work with the parish staff and ministry leaders to share the free materials with parishioners experiencing some sort of milestone that month. (Examples include new parishioners, people receiving a sacrament, anniversaries, book clubs, men’s groups, bible studies, prayer ministries, and prison ministries.) It may be helpful to form a distribution team to come up with new ways to share these powerful resources as gifts, a thank you, or inspiration.