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Prayers in The Pew

Much more than a collection of prayers every Catholic should be intimately acquainted with, Prayers in the Pew is a call to EVERYONE to take an honest evaluation of how well we are living our faith. Often, what is hindering our progress isn’t something we are doing but rather what we are not doing.

“Get to Mass early; don’t calculate how late you can be”. ~ Pope Francis

Sometimes taking time to pray to settle our heart, mind and soul is all that is needed to turn things around. Spending an extra ten minutes before Mass with Prayers in the Pew  will help you:

  • Deepen your relationship with God
  • Experience the entire Mass beginning with the introductory rites
  • Prepare to listen to the Word of God and celebrate the Eucharist worthily

Prayers in the Pew cards are intuitive and designed for usability providing voice to your thankfulness and praise whether you are joyful or sorrowful. Essential private and community prayers together in one convenient resource, Prayers in the Pew will give you strength when you are in need.

Make your commitment to becoming a Parishioner in the Pew today and prayerfully consider helping to bring Prayers in the Pew to your parish by becoming a Pew Partner.  To see the listing and description of our Prayers in Pew Cards, click here.