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1000 – Prayers in the Pew™ Jump Start Kit


  1. Intro letter for the Pastor, explaining the details and advantages of the program.
  2. A sample 5 pack of the following cards:
    1. 5 Pack of Prayers in the Pew™ – Our flagship card for the Pews (for use in parish life – Mass, adoration, funerals, weddings, baptisms, confirmations, etc.).
    2. 5 Pack of Prayers in the Pew – Family Edition (for use in the home)
    3. 5 Pack of Prayers in the Pew – Pro-Life Edition (for use at pro-life events and activities or to promote pro-life events).
    4. 5 Pack of Prayers in the Pew – Marian Edition (for use during Marian days – Feast Days, Holy Days, First Saturdays, and 13th of the month events.
  3. Sample Backgrounder (our month educational editable newsletter that educates about the prayers and provides a promotional component to other events and activities that are going on in the parish, council and group).

This kit gives you a good feel for the cards and how they can be used to encourage, enlist and excite decision makers to commit to the full program.