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Men oKnights of Columbusf Prayer

Men of Prayer is a proprietary program crafted to be distributed in concert with the Knights of Columbus, the world's largest Catholic fraternal service organization recently named one of the world's most ethical companies by Ethisphere Institute for the fifth time.

Why did Sit Stand Kneel partner with the Knights of Columbus?

In local councils and chapters, the contributions of the Knights of Columbus are significant, but the public perception can lag this reality. The public hears and often sees what the Knights are doing or what they are asking for, but don’t necessarily get the essence of who the Knights are. Knights of Columbus are indeed men of action and service; but, having worked first hand with many individual Knights, and their local Councils directly, we've seen and know the Knights to be first and foremost, Men of Prayer!

With prayer as a foundational principle that distinguishes a Knight of Columbus and underpins a consistent efforts of good works or Faith in Action, the logical next step is to extend the invitation to improving prayer lives to families within the faith community. Naturally then, Men of Prayer leads to Community of Prayer.  As leaders in faith based, community service, this is a natural extension of what it means to be a Knight.  This program, like the community service, takes it to the world, and in this case, the Domestic Church.  This gives the Men of the Knights, an additional vehicle to provide leadership and to strengthen not only their own prayer life, but that of their family and the greater Church family.

What does the Program Consist of?

Serving as a catalyst for this to manifest in strengthened lives of prayer, the Knights of Columbus will coordinate with the Sit Stand Kneel team to spearhead active card distribution through charitable outreach and create in the local parish, a movement of prayer that extends to homes and the community.  Our graphically pleasing, comprehensive prayer cards, are a must for every pew and and every kitchen table.  This turnkey program will be easily adaptable, with support materials, marketing graphics, pulpit announcements and endorsements from local and national leaders.  It will have Knight of Columbus brand recognition and ongoing prayer support materials to further help participants grow in their prayer life and provide a consistent reminder in keeping the focus of Men of Prayer.  

Along with Prayers in the Pew™ and Prayers in the Pew™- Home Edition, the program will be augmented with best-in-class monthly supplements which serve to ensure a sustained and layered evangelization effort:

Creating a ripple effect that will change neighborhoods and nations.

To dive into the details of the national Men of Prayer Campaign or to bring this program to your State Council, Chapter or Council, download the program guide now and please contact James Aitchison directly at (626) 627-1318 or email at to discuss next steps and timelines.