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Where is the Catholic Voice in our World Today?

Have you wondered why despite having a majority market segment such as the Church with more than 70 million registered Catholics in the United States, we are rarely at the table for debate, and our radio and television shows rank very low as well as Catholic website popularity compared to other religious or secular sectors.

As a result, many other voices are shaping ethics and moral norms for our society at a very high cost. These voices representing various worldviews also tend to depict the Catholic Church an outdated, legalistic, untrustworthy, morally discredited, dying institution. As these messages spread to the hearts and minds of our own family members, friends, coworkers and neighbors is it any wonder why we as the Church are fond of Mark Twain’s quip, “The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”

Serving as a counter agent to the many devices and philosophies shaping worldviews today, enter Sit Stand Kneel. Sit Stand Kneel has a mission and methodology to shift by design from a passive voice to a united & active voice to:

  • Compete in the world of ideas for hearts and minds
  • Form consciences for faithful citizenship
  • Apply Catholic teaching to major issues

Helping to articular the Catholic voice on behalf of all of us, the Sit Stand Kneel platform will bring together the best in each area ‘subject matter experts, marketers, artists, business people, volunteers, etc. to work in a concerted fashion to pass on a distinctly Catholic worldview.

Oh so much more than a mere world view, the Catholic Church is a sleeping giant ready to awaken from its slumber and to raise its voice to bring the Good News of Jesus into every human situation.

Learn more about the Sit Stand Kneel brand, projects and how to get involved to help initiate the movement to Awaken the Catholic Voice.