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Evangelization By Design

The challenges and sense of urgency to compete in the arenas where worldviews are shaped today has never been greater but so are the opportunities to re-evangelize our society.  However, the Church must harness its collective strengths and talents, economic power, and adopt best-practices for communications in order to effectively evangelize to an Internet-savvy audience living more and more of their lives inside the so-called walled gardens of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Evangelization invites us all to take steps to deepen our faith, to believe in the Gospel message and to go forth to proclaim it to the world. Studies show parishes that are thriving make the effort to create formation programs to meet parishioners where they are and to intentionally evangelize to both insiders 'and outsiders'.

Another challenge is that Catholics tend to view their relationship with God as a highly personal matter and often shy away from evangelization. Realizing pastors consider evangelization a major challenge, our team at Sit Stand Kneel set out to establish a collaborative framework to aid in answering the call first expressed by Pope John Paul II to bridge the gap between the laity and the Pastors in order to usher in a new era of formation, participation, and dialogue. Doing so, we believe Sit Stand Kneel can make a difference in helping the lay faithful to come to decisions regarding spiritual and temporal matters with a renewed enthusiasm.

Let's make a commitment to equip ourselves to evangelize. Relying at all times on the Holy Spirit, we will change neighborhoods and nations.