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Engagement Device Philosophy®

Let's do this together!

At SIT STAND KNEEL, we have studied in great detail the effectiveness of programs as it pertains to (a) engagement levels, (b) nimbleness to meet people where they are in their formation journey, and (c) ease of evangelizing to family members, friends, neighbors, school mates, and ultimately in the public square. We also set as an objective for SIT STAND KNEEL to be able to change behavior and improve habits.

One of our first objectives was that for content to be distributed to Parishes in any form, it shouldn't have a destination of just going on the shelf, should be a topic that meets each person where they are, and lend itself to optimal recall of key takeaways that assist in easily passing on the faith effectively. With our philosophy, we want to reach Catholic where they are and encourage them to learn, live and grow in their faith.

So, as if this wasn’t a big enough challenge to create Content that Works for the modernized world, we had another challenge: Get interesting and engaging content in the hands of as many people as possible at the lowest possible cost and to find partners that could help make this Happen.

The mandate: Find “Parishioners in the Pew” to assist in helping us distribute our Engagement Devices and Create the most uplifting content and systematic learning system the Catholic Church has ever seen, and make it available to every Catholic and parish for free.

Content that Works for Free? That’s like giving away a golden ticket. But that’s what we have done, and are doing, and will continue to do.

Why? We do it so, ordinary life moments can become Catholic faith moments and can be a life-changing encounter with God and not just a hoop to jump through. We do it so parents don’t have to listen to their kids complain about how bored they are in CCD class. We do it because the future of Catholicism depends upon it.

The truth is, we have developed our series to compete with the hearts and minds of Catholics in the Pews.  We attempt to meet them “Where they are” and have done our best to pick timely topics and evergreen subjects Catholic of all ages are asking questions about or want to know the who, what, where, why and how. We are employing technology in ways that are engaging and fresh. And these programs are changing behaviors and lives—which is how we like to measure their impact.

The result: Distributing Catholic Content that is informing the Catholic Voice in the World today and helping Catholics with their ultimate call of knowing, loving, and serving God in this world and the next.

It is essential that every Catholic have access to the very best resources available. Every Catholic deserves to have many opportunities to discover the Beauty and Fullness of Catholicism. As our programs become widely distributed, efforts for unified develop can take place which will morph into a collective Voice that helps to make the world we live in a better place.

By producing these resources, Sit Stand Kneel is serving a real need and solving a real problem. By making them available for free, Sit Stand Kneel is ensuring that every Catholic has access to the very best resources at every stage of their spiritual journey. Regardless of where each individual is on the spectrum of faith formation, let's do this together.

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