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Content That Works

With an underlying mandate to create content to help Catholics better learn, live and love their Catholic Faith, our team at SIT STAND KNEEL set out to establish a brand and content development platform that specializes in the basics and employs best-practices for communications to effectively evangelize in our modern world.

In other words, we set out to create Content that Works!

In addition to having content that works to help Catholics better know, live and love their Catholic Faith, SIT STAND KNEEL content also goes to work to comprehensively evangelize and is proud to support, often serve as a catalyst for mobilizing the good works of bishops, priests, deacons, and the many non-profit ministries that are making a difference.

Designed to contribute to forming consciences with certainty, building block by build block, Content that Works is a learning system that:

  • Compels the masses to want to become regular readers
  • Challenges believers to harness the power of prayer
  • Proves to be easy to consume and to support long term retention
  • Allows readers to connect for a lifetime relationship with the brand
  • Empowers the reader to share key takeaways and positions with family, friends, neighbors and the public square

Please share your ideas on how to improve Sit Stand Kneel programs to make a more meaningful difference.